Email is often the preferred method of communication between many students and faculty members. It is a quick and efficient way of asking a question or getting information, however, it is important that we have guidelines about appropriate use of email communication in classes such as this.

1)Email exchanges about Brock courses are considered to be professional communication and should be composed accordingly. This does not mean they need to be uncomfortably formal, however, they should be polite and proofread for clarity.

2)Always sign your emails so I know who I am corresponding with. Email sent from a Brock email address does not display your name, only a jumble of letters and numbers which does not identify who you are. Likewise, an email sent from (or other such addresses) will not automatically identify who you are.

3)Identify which course you are writing about (VISA 3P98) in either the subject line or body of your email. I am involved with several classes each year, and can not answer vague questions about “class” without knowing which course you are referring to.

4)I am happy to answer questions about class material, policies or assignments via email, however I would ask that you please consult the course outline and the course blog to see if you can find the answer to your question before you email me. Emails that ask questions which can easily be answered by consulting these resources (i.e.: What is the assigned reading for this week?) will not receive a response.

5)I will strive to answer email relating to VISA 3P98 within 48 hours of receiving it. Please note, however, that this applies only to regular working hours – email will not be checked on weekends or holidays. Likewise, frantic emails sent in the middle of the night hours before an exam will likely not be answered in time.