Seminar Participation

In each class we will have a seminar-style discussion based on the assigned readings for that week. Each week a small group of students (2-3 depending on final enrolment numbers) will be responsible for leading the discussion on that week’s reading. These students are not expected to summarize and present the reading, rather, they will be leading a discussion that all students in the class are expected to participate in. All students, in other words, are expected to do the readings each week and come prepared to discuss them. 

The students leading the weekly discussion will come up with a list of approximately 3-5 discussion questions based on the themes of the reading. These questions will be posted on the course website in advance of our class meeting. Students leading the discussions each week must email me their questions by the Monday prior to our class meeting. Students will be graded on their seminar participation throughout the term (in other words, it is important to participate in all seminar discussions, not just the one you are responsible for leading!)

**Note: As you prepare your presentations, please keep in mind the difference between criticism and critical thinking.